Impressions of Tel Aviv by a local: Teddy Cohen

Photos by Teddy Cohen. Graphic designer from Tel Aviv. Follow his photos on Instagram

teddyco_0000_IMG_7574.PNG teddyco_0001_IMG_7575.PNG teddyco_0002_IMG_7576.PNG teddyco_0003_IMG_7577.PNG teddyco_0004_IMG_7578.PNG teddyco_0005_IMG_7579.PNG teddyco_0006_IMG_7580.PNG teddyco_0007_IMG_7581.PNG teddyco_0008_IMG_7582.PNG teddyco_0009_IMG_7583.PNG teddyco_0010_IMG_7584.PNG teddyco_0011_IMG_7585.PNG teddyco_0012_IMG_7586.PNG teddyco_0013_IMG_7587.PNG teddyco_0014_IMG_7588.PNG teddyco_0015_IMG_7589.PNG

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